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Heat shrinkable tubings, from Zeus, are available in a a variety of sizes, dimensions, and shrink ratios and made using a state of the art method to ensure that products subjected to extreme heat, corrosion, shock, moisture and other critical conditions are perfectly protected and ready to perform - Zeus is an internationally recognized leader in the design and production of high-performance polymer tubings designed for every application and environment. Zeus caters to the mission-critical needs for an array of applications – from precision minimally invasive medical devices to high-performance aerospace sub-components.

  • Custom Heat Shrink

  • Dual-Shrink®

  • FEP 1.6:1 Heat Shrink

  • Heat Shrinkable Roll Covers

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As the world leader in fluoropolymer extruded tubing, we bring to you tubings to cater to the mission-critical needs for an array of applications – from precision minimally invasive medical devices to high-performance aerospace sub-components.



Zeus materials scientists are adept at matching polymers to the desired performance requirements. When it comes to polymer expertise in the medical device industry, Zeus has no equal. With expertise in virtually every engineered plastic used in the medical device industry today, including thermopolymers, thermosets, and PTFE used in catheters, grafts, shunts, stents, diagnostics and orthopedics.



We have an impressive array of optimized tubing solutions for advanced applications. flared and flanged tubes, as well as a host of additional secondary services including: drilling, etching, bump and draw down tubing, tipping, striping, scoring, and slitting. We also provide custom tubings to suit your exact requirements, weather its Heat Shrinkable, Monofilament or Extruded tubing, its all in our range.ea.


Custom Heat Shrink- Filfab
Custom Heat Shrink

Zeus has developed unique heat shrink products over the years. The medical device industry has utilized our "Spiral Striped" heat shrink for use in guidewires. In this application the spiral pattern on the wire allows surgeon to judge the depth and rate of insertion into the body. Other custom products such as our Dual Shrink combine the properties of PTFE and FEP for enhanced electronics protection. Our heat shrinkable roller covers were custom designed for the requirements of the copier and offset printing industries.

Dual Shrink - filfab

Zeus Dual-Shrink® tubing provides all the outstanding electrical, chemical, and mechanical properties of PTFE, including a service temperature up to 450° F (232° C). Custom specifications and tolerances can be quoted upon request.

  • - Heat shrink tubing offering a tight moisture-proof encapsulation
  • - Outer tubing of PTFE shrinks for a tight fit when heat is applied
  • - Inner layer of FEP melts and flows to encapsulate parts
  • - PTFE heat shrink recovery temperature between 654° F (346° C) - 670° F (354° C)
  • - Outstanding abrasion resistance
  • - Protects against corrosion
FEP 1.6:1 Heat Shrink

FEP heat shrink tubing in particular is chosen for its lower shrink temperature than PTFE, greater flexibility, optical clarity, and high lubricity in comparison to PFA. Zeus FEP heat shrink tubing is available with shrink ratios of 1.3:1 and 1.6:1 or greater incorporating all the same high standards and characteristics of FEP. Micro-miniature dimensions are also available. Custom specifications and tolerances quoted upon request.

Heat Shrink roll Covers - Filfab
Heat Shrinkable Roll Covers

Zeus Roll Covers extend the life and reliability of printing rolls and improve product quality. A brief application of heat molds the cover snugly around the roll, forming a skin-tight, high-strength, impregnable jacket impervious to corrosive chemicals, solvents, acids, shock, abrasion, high temperatures, and moisture. Roll covers eliminate sticky build-up problems. With the use of a convenient heat source, such as a hot air gun, Zeus Roll Covers can be quickly and easily shrunk on to the rolls. Cleaning can be done with a solvent or reagent.

Peek Shrink - filfab

PEEK, a linear, semi-crystalline aromatic polymer, is considered the highest performing thermoplastic material due to its ability to withstand extreme temperatures, high pressure and caustic fluids. Now Zeus has taken PEEK to an entirely new level of performance with the introduction of PEEKshrink® — PEEK heat-shrinkable tubing.

PTFE Heat Shrink 2:1 AWG

PTFE Heat Shrink has ratios of 2:1 and 4:1. The product requires 650°F +/- 25° (340°C +/- 5°) to recover. We recommend pre-heating large diameter mandrels and giving sufficient time for recovery. The mandrel being covered must be able to withstand this range of temperature, and even heating and cooling of all sides will provide the best result. Customized Sub-Lite- Wall® sizes are also available. Approximate Ratio of Expanded I.D. to Recovered I.D. (fractional inch sizes) provide the best result. Customized Sub-Lite- Wall® sizes are also available.


Although Zeus has a wide range of catalogue products available, most of the time, the lead time for even a custom made product is not longer than 2-3 weeks. Filfab also keep stocks of selected products in its warehouse in India for faster deliveries.

Zeus is a global leader in supply of flouropolymer tubing to the Medical Device market. Zeus tubings also find applications in critical fluid handling in pharmacueticals and Semi conductor industries and for applications in the electrical and mechanical industries.

Yes, of course. Zeus Application Engineers would be happy to discuss your process and suggest the right polymer for you. Zeus also provides several customisation options like colours, packaging and even testing and certification for challenging applications.

Zeus is proud to offer biocompaitbility and USP Class VI certification for most of its resins like PTFE, FEP, PFA, ETFE and PEEK. In addition, Zeus has certified USP Class VI tests for many pigments and compounds used. Further Zeus offer 100% traceability on all your orders. All tubings are supplied with a Certificate of Conformance as a standard offering.

Extruded fluoropolymer tubing does not have a determined shelf life. Extensive weathering and ageing tests reveal no degradation when exposed to weather, UV light or extreme temperatures. However Heat Shrink tubings are shipped with expiry dates although Zeus has tested heat shrink tubing that has been aged more than 20 years and revealed no adverse characteristics.


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