MINNCARE® Dry fog 2S

The most efficient way to disinfect



The Minncare® Dry Fog 2S system provides an easy to use, high technology solution for clean room and critical area Bio-Decontamination. The combination of our highly effective Minncare® Cold Sterilant chemical and our state of the art Dry Fog 2S delivery system enables users to rapidly and safely deliver Minncare® vapor to even the most complex areas. Its sanitary design with the possibility to autoclave, enables its useage in the most critical areas within pharmaceutical and other industries concerned with maintaining the utmost levels of sterility. The location and action of the dry fogging head at the highest point of the equipment allows for rapid vapor dispersion and ensures that the most distant areas are reached effectively.

  • Over 95% reduced bio-decontamination cycle time

  • Controlled droplet size results in wide and effective coverage

  • Greatly reduced labor & High penentration

  • Dry fogging- No surface wetting & condensation

  • Can be autoclaved & sterilized; features sanitary SS316L construction



MINNCARE® Dry fog 2S system delivers Minncare cold sterilant vapors to sterilize cleanrooms of various sizes effectively and conveniently. The vapors that are ejected out of Dry Fog nozzles are around 7.0 µ in diameter and this ensures they bounce off the wall and spread farther and faster. This prevents any surface wetting that otherwise might occur.The system is very portable and can easily be moved from place to place. The option of fitting multiple nozzles for spraying in both horizontal and vertical direction or combination of both directions adds to the effectiveness in coverage and reduction of bio-decontamination time.



MINNCARE® Dry fog 2S system can complete a bio-decontamination process in 3 hours ( room size & ventilation system efficiency dependent) as compared to around many hours of some conventional bio-decontamination systems. Now greater flexibility is offered in Dry Fog 2S by fitting multiple nozzles to spray in both horizontal and vertical direction or combination of both the directions. The size of droplets that are ejected out of Dry Fog nozzle are very small, about 7µ in diameter. As a result of this small size, the droplets bounces off surfaces and moves at greater speed as well.



MINNCARE® Dry fog 2S system uses MINNCARE®, a cold sterilant registered by EPA for use as a fog, which is fully biodegradable with no measurable air residues. Minncare Cold Sterilant is a peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide based proprietary chemistry developed by Minntech for optimized biocidal efficacy. Minncare Cold Sterilant contains only pharmaceutical quality raw materials. MINNCARE® does not produce any toxic aldehyde vapors and is very easy to dispose off and vent.Click here for more information on MINNCARE® cold sterilant


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Ultrafine Droplets

The difference is the droplet size.
MINNCARE® Dry fog 2S system is designed to produce ultra fine drops that average 7 micron in diameter which ensures even dispersion of the Minncare solution through out the room without wetting the surfaces. These fine droplets bounce off hard surfaces and thus avoid condensation, corrosion and surface wetting associated with conventional foggers. The ultra fine droplets are lighter and do not settle down hence covering even inaccessible areas for complete bio-decontamination.

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Highly Flexible System

MINNCARE® Dry fog 2S system is very flexible with options to fit a minimum of 1 nozzle and maximum of 8 nozzles. The nozzles can be fitted to spray in both horizontal and vertical direction or combination of both the directions as required. The whole system is mounted on a trolley for easy portability. It can be easily disassembled as a result of the tri-clamp type clamping connections design. The whole system is made in SS316L material, the complete system is autoclavable. This eliminates any cross contamination from area to area.

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Lower Clean-Room Downtime

The use of very small quantity of disinfectant ( just 1.5 ml/m3 of Minncare) and lack of toxic aldehyde vapors results in extremely short process times - over 95% faster than some conventional systems. This means less production downtime and lower total costs. Typically, the entire process can be completed in less than 3 hours, depending upon room size and ventilation system efficiency, compared to many hours with some conventional systems. The possibility of fitting the nozzles to spray in both the horizontal and vertical directions or a combination of both the directions on the new MINNCARE® Dry fog 2S system ensures faster coverage than ever before.

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The MINNCARE® Dry fog 2S systems uses one of the most safe and environmentally friendly biocide, Minncare. It contains no toxic aldehyde vapours or other harmful chemicals like Chlorine, Ammonia etc. Extensive toxicity studies have shown Minncare is safe for use in Pharmaceutical manufacturing areas. Post bio-decontamination, it breaks down into acetic acid, water and oxygen which are bio-degradable. This makes use of Minncare Dry Fog 2S system in your cleanrooms safe for all the employees.

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The Minncare Advantage

When you own Minncare® Dry Fog 2S Machine, you don’t just get an equipment, but all the advantages of Minncare Cold Sterilant with it. The US EPA registration, the safe and biodegradable action, the broad spectrum action, the swift action on bacteria, mycobacteria, fungus, virus, spores etc. and the ability not to allow micro organisms to develop an immunity against it. The advantages are many.

MINNCARE® Dry fog 2S system Equipment Advantage

The MINNCARE® Dry fog 2S machine provides an easy to use, high technology solution for rooms upto 1000m3 in one single process. It features a possible 8 nozzle diffuser head with the option of spraying in either vertical or horizontal direction or a combination of both.It is robust in construction with easy maintenance and no moving parts and no electrical component or electrical connection requirement. It is made of 100% SS 316L and can be easily dismantled and autoclaved. The portable design allows users to move it to multiple locations.

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The Filfab Support Advantage

The Filfab technical team on MINNCARE® Dry fog 2S system is a very capable support force. They provide you with assistance right from the selection of correct model based on your area layout , technical presentation, actual equipment demonstration, preparation of URS, validation and performance qualification etc. Filfab has multiple demonstration equipments in India to enable a quick demo, if you request for, before deciding to buy.


MINNCARE® Dry fog 2S system is the most advanced, yet easy to use and competitively priced cleanroom bio-decontamination equipment. The dry delivery of the disinfectant is unique which results in minimum usage of disinfectant, wide coverage including multiple rooms in single process and hence substantial reduction in time. Single system can handle unto 1000 m3 area in single operation with multiple rooms.

MINNCARE® Dry fog 2S system features an all SS316L design. It has greater flexibility of fitting upto 8 nozzles as compared to the 4 nozzles in the previous design. Another key design feature of the MINNCARE® Dry fog 2S system is the ability to fit nozzles to spray in both the horizontal as well as vertical direction or a combination of both. This gives added flexibility and results in wider coverage and leads to reduction in the overall bio-decontamination cycle time.

A typical clean room bio-decontamination process with MINNCARE® Dry fog 2S system takes about 3 hours including venting. Note that this is with the ability of clubbing multipe rooms in one process upto 1000m3 total area. If you compare this with conventional foggers which requires individual room processes and with some disinfectants which takes hours to vent out, the users end up with substantial savings on time many times upto 95%.

MINNCARE® Dry fog 2S cleanroom bio-decontamination process is validated by the microbiological method. The major advantage of the MINNCARE® Dry fog 2S system is that it does not require a specific microbiology method. You can use your process - be it, Plate exposure, Swabbing, or Biological Indicators. Irrespective of the methodology MINNCARE® Dry fog 2S system will qualify with upto 6 log reduction of the bacterial count.

Yes. Filfab offers actual working demonstration of the MINNCARE® Dry fog 2S system in your area of usage with microbiological validation support from you. In this way you can see all the benefits before buying.

Yes, with Mini Dry Fog systems and adapted Dry Fog nozzle systems it is possible to use this technology for smaller areas like airlocks, passboxes, isolators, cRABS, Biohazard cabinets etc. Contact us for more details.


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